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Tails & Trails Dog Park

We are a proud sponsor of Tails & Trails Dog Park in our community of Siloam Springs, AR.

The dog park is located near Sager Creek at the west end of Bob Henry Park along Benton St. with 3 activity areas for your dog, including agility course equipment, and direct access to the Dogwood Trail.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind.

Be sure to read the posted park rules before entering.

Please use the waste stations to help keep the area clean for others.

Your dog should be at least 4 months old and be fully vaccinated by a veterinarian before going to the dog park. Your veterinarian can best advise you on what vaccines and parasite preventatives are recommended for your dog based on their lifestyle. Over-the-counter (farm store and mail order) vaccines are not recommended because they commonly fail to protect puppies from parvo virus. Do not bring dogs with any respiratory or gastrointestinal illnesses into the park.

It is recommended that all dogs at the park be protected from fleas, ticks, and intestinal worms with veterinary-approved parasite preventatives. Your vet can tell you more about what is available and best-suited for your dog.

Be sure to keep an eye on your dog at all times. Always have your leash with you and use a harness or collar with your dog’s rabies tag and identification tag. Be ready to leash your dog quickly in case you need to exit the dog park. Dogs do not always get along and you want to be prepared to keep your dog safe.

Some breeds are prone to heat stress so please be aware of weather conditions. Breeds with short muzzles, like pugs, bulldogs, French bulldogs, and Boston terriers, can overheat at much lower temperatures. Especially with these breeds, be cautious if temperatures are in the 80s or higher and be sure to take advantage of the fresh water at the dog park. Dusk and dawn are ideal times for outside exercise on hot days for most dogs.

Your veterinarian can advise you best but it is generally recommended to ensure your dog is spayed/neutered. Female dogs in heat should avoid the dog park until they are no longer in heat to avoid unwanted mating behaviors and accidental breedings.


Please contact our friendly staff at All Creatures Veterinary Clinic for your pet’s healthcare needs.  We are happy to help!
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